Step 0

added 23 days ago

What is this all about?

Do you want to follow an entrepreneurial journey starting from scratch in the tech sector? That's what Building A Product is all about. From idea to market right as it is happening. Read more...

Step 1

added 23 days ago

Giving the Product a name

I wouldn't want to market something simply called the "product". In this entry, I'll tell you what its name will be and how it came to be.

Step 2

added 22 days ago

Validating the idea

How do you know an idea is worth spending your time working on it? Everybody has ideas but ultimately, its success will be dictated by the amount of users who will be using it. Let's see how this applies to Padstone.

Step 3

added 22 days ago

The audience

Before thinking about defining a set of features for Padstone, I need to figure out who is going to be the target audience. Typically, who would potentially pay for an app like Padstone. Based on that, I'll be able to flesh out some features.

Step 4

added 21 days ago

Defining features

Having an idea is not enough. In order to set a concrete execution plan, you'll need to have a clear idea of what the app is going to do (and not do). Here, I'll define the features at a high level.

Step 5

added 17 days ago

Delivering Padstone

In the last step, I discussed the minimum feature set an app generated with Padstone should possess. But what about Padstone itself? How should the app generator be made available to its users? Web app, fat client, a floppy disk you order in a magazine? Let's see.

Step 6

added 17 days ago

First foray into marketing

I'm a developer, not a marketer. I have a limited knowledge of everything business related but now is the time to look at this aspect a bit more and define high level tasks that will need to be done at some point.

Step 7

added 13 days ago

Pitching the product

In the last step, the first item was "Explaining Padstone". Let's see how Padstone can be explained to people not familiar with the tool.

Step 8

added 13 days ago

The Tech Stack

From a technical perspective, we know that Padstone is a web app builder. But which technologies is it going to use? This is the subject of this step.

Step 9

added 8 days ago

Finding a co-founder

Padstone is a big project - too big to take on by myself. Now is the time to get a co-founder on board.


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The next step

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